Hot Rod Backstory
Hot Rod

Hot Rod was the first, and I feel closest to it. As the story goes, my dad had not sold anything in 1948. As someone who lives on royalties, that can be pretty hard, and as they were expecting me, my mom was really worried. In December, he was contacted by the Des Moines Safety Council and asked to write about a tragic accident that had occurred in Iowa. He wrote the book in two weeks that December.... and thus, Holly and Hot Rod were born!

My brother, Dan, loves me! Can you tell?

I believe this is the original cover, although this is from the twenty-second printing from E.P. Dutton. I get all of my copies from book sales. eBay is too expensive for me! I wanted one book that went to $202. I guess someone really wanted it more than I did.

You might think my brother and I have boxes of the books stuffed away in our basements, but all we really have is what we have picked up at local book sales, or on eBay. The last time I saw my dad, around 1993, I had him sign all of my books!

What Hot Rod fans REALLY looked like!!

No suits and ties here!